Mrs. Baker's Great Starting Points on
Roman Empire and Julius Caesar

In our print collection

  • Do a subject search using the on-line catalog. Type the following: Roman Empire; Caesar, Julius; Rome—History, Rome—History--Empire
  • Look in the stacks for books cataloged under 937.  Don’t forget to check the reference aisle for these same call numbers beginning with R or RS or RB.
  • Check the general encyclopedias (i.e. World Book, Compton’s, and others) by first using the index (usually found in the last volume).


Using the electronic information databases

The best ones to use are:

·         Encyclopedia Britannica Online  

·         World History FullTEXT (found in EBSCO)


Try these Internet starting points for information on Roman Empire and Julius Caesar.

Many of them will have other links to many other fine web sites.

·        Time traveller's guide to the Roman Empire

·        Exploring Ancient Rome
Explore ancient Rome in all its glory. Travel throughout the Forums, Colosseum, and the Circus Maximus as you experience Roman culture.

·        Forum Romanum
Explore the Forum Romanum to experience Rome's past through its culture, religion, language, and much more. Features include sections on Latin language and literature, Roman life and history, a virtual tour of Rome, and a strange fact of the week.

·        Julius Caesar Project
This site features a lesson on the life and times of Julius Caesar, with a multitude of links that cover many aspects of Caesar's world, from literature to history. Use this site and its many related resources to introduce students to a historical figure who has fascinated historians, artists and authors for centuries.

·        Ancient History Lesson Ideas
Great site for teachers who need creative help with ancient history lessons. Includes numerous lesson plan ideas on ancient Egypt, Greece, China, Rome, Mesopotamia, early man, archaeology, inventions.

·        Biography of Julius Caesar
This site is a brief biography of the life and times of Julius Caesar.

·        Maps of the Roman Empire
Resource devoted to the history of
Rome provides a large collection of maps of the ancient Roman Empire.

·        Roman Empire, 3rd Century Map
Provides a map of the
Roman Empire when it was at its greatest extent in the third century CE.

·        History of the Roman Empire
Illustrated history of the
Roman Empire

·        Cities and Provinces of the Roman Empire
Study guide offers a look at life in the cities, prefectures and provinces of the ancient
Roman Empire.

·        Decline and Fall of Roman Empire
Bibliomania offers a look at the first two chapters of Edward Gibbon's treatise on the collapse of this mighty empire.

·        The Romans
Roman Empire, invasions, rebellions, Roman defense of Britain, Roman army, roads and places, leisure, family life, technology, religion, archaeology; from the BBC.

·        Map of the Roman Empire
This map of ancient
Rome, from A.D. 120, links you to sites related to specific regions of Rome, simply by clicking on one of the map provinces. Also includes an index of province names.

·        Julius Caesar: The Last Dictator
In-depth biography of Julius Caesar plus all his major contemporaries Cicero, Brutus, Pompey, Cato,
Antony, Marius, Sulla, and the Gracchi. Covering Roman history 100-44 BC...

·        Caesar, Gaius Julius
This is an extremely thorough biography of Julius Caesar. Everything you ever wanted to know about his reign as Emperor of Rome is on this page.